Love Your Curls with Ouidad​


Ouidad grew up in Lebanon, and was mercilessly teased about her crazy curly hair. She moved to the US in the 70s, and started working in a salon. From the start of her career, Ouidad studied the mechanics of curly hair and experimented with ways to work with it instead of fight against it.

In 1984, she developed her first curly hair product, and opened the country's first salon dedicated to curly hair in NYC. In 1998, she trademarked her Carving & Slicing (R) Technique and in 2000 began her certified salon network for stylists who learned her method.

We’re the only salon in Rochester trained and certified in the Ouidad Method for curly hair. The techniques we use will transform your untamable, unmanageable curls into a wildly sexy, yet totally controllable, mane. 

You won't believe the difference the right technique will make on your curls. Stop dreading them, start flaunting them. Call Tammy or Sofia today for a consultation or appointment.

And whether yours are loose, classic, tight, or kinky, Ouidad has the perfect product for you exact type of curls. And you can pick them up right here at Bangz.

For more information on Ouidad, her technique and her products, visit the website 

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Rene Furterer Paris


We are so excited to now carry the Rene Furterer hair care system at the Salon. Furterer products not only look beautiful and smell wonderful, they work. Unbelievably. That's because they start at the root of your hair problems.  Literally.

Born in Provence, France, Rene Furterer was fascinated with botany from a very early age. As a young hairdresser, he realized that the beauty of hair is inspired by that of plants. He understood that a healthy head of hair flourishes from a scalp that is cared for, just as plants grow best in fertile, managed soil. He went on to develop a method of scalp treatments and massages that revolutionized hair care.​

His method, which he called Etheirology, is based on his philosophy that a healthy scalp leads to beautiful hair. He developed a three-phase “Prepare, Cleanse, and Treat” approach, which offers a custom treatment regime based on techniques carefully selected according to a sophisticated preliminary diagnosis.

Our stylists have begun extensive training in the Rene Furterer methodology. If your hair isn't acting, growing or looking its healthiest best, give us a call. We'll help diagnose the problem, develop a personalized plan to clean and exfoliate the scalp, and recommend the right blend of products for you to continue your treatments at home.

To learn more about Rene Furterer, his technique and his all his plant-based products, visit the company's website...​​​

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For Men: Reuzel


 Guys, you get equal play here too! We now carry the full line of Reuzel mens hair & beardcare products.

Leen and Bertus, the creators of Reuzel started learning mens haircutting when they were just fourteen years old. With their love of classic barbering and the influences of rock n’ roll, kustom kulture and its sub cultures, it was inevitable that one day the pair would open “Schorem Haarsnijder en Barbier.”

Schorem is an old school men-only barbershop in the heart of the working class city of Rotterdam in Holland. The shop specializes in traditional, classic and signature haircuts, as well as, hot towel straight razor shaves. Schorem is trying to preserve a vanishing craft from a lost era of time.

Schorem is a bit of a wordplay that gets lost in translation, it means “scumbags”, “bad boys” in Dutch, but it is also the past tense form of “I shave him”, literally meaning “I shaved him”. The “Haarsnijder en Barbier” means Haircutter and Barber in Dutch.​

To learn more about all of the fantastic Reuzel products, visit the company's website...​​​

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